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Welcome To The HSA's Walk-A-Thon Page

Our Walk-A-Thon is a fun way to raise money for our students & school while promoting a healthy lifestyle, healthy eating, and fitness for our children and keeping up with our Walk-A-Thon tradition. In the past this has been our BIGGEST FUNDRAISER of the year! EVERY DOLLAR will help make a difference and help fund future school events, supplies, and students needs. Up to %95 of the money donated will go directly back to our school & benefit our students. Students register through the Get Movin website and share their fundraising pages with family and friends via text, email, of face-to-face.

We count on our super supportive parents, phenomenal teachers, and our community to help make our Walk-A-Thon a success every year! We hope to get as many families and businesses as possible to participate again this year.


Sponsorship opportunities are available.
Please see the Walk-a-Thon Sponsorship page for complete details or to register as a sponsor or email [email protected]